Across New York state, there are dozens of non-profit organizations working on various aspects of civic engagement: voter registration, voter mobilization, issue advocacy and more. That’s where we come in. We leverage data to help get marginalized and historically disenfranchised communities more involved in civic life.


Democratizing Data to Make a Difference

One of the main purposes of NYCET is for groups to work together by sharing strategies and tools, and by establishing shared metrics around population and voting data from across the state. In service of this mission, NYCET has rolled out multiple dashboards that help organizations visualize how to address voter registration and voter turnout equity gaps, and also how to assess the reach of their programming.

Planning, Execution, and Reporting

NYCET uses data at every stage of a program’s process – from planning, to real-time tracking and post-mortem program analysis. The first step involves planning before a program gets underway to groups understand which locations, neighborhoods and sub-groups to focus on to maximize the success of their programs.

We have collaborated with Advocacy Institute to a central hub to integrate legislative and electoral tools such as info on voters, campaign finance, demographic trends, the organizing landscape in order to build towards wins and strengthen social justice campaigns, organizations, and the sector at large. Learn more about this collaboration here:

District Profiles Dashboard: a Bird’s Eye View of New York State

Measuring & Increasing Program Impact

NYCET also helps groups evaluate their programs once they wrap up, allowing them to report back to donors and debrief about what techniques worked best to drive new voters or facilitate greater engagement.

Program Dashboard: Assessing Your Impact

Voter Registration Dashboard

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The New York Civic Engagement Table is a laboratory for innovation. We run experimental tests for our partners that enable the progressive movement in New York State to evaluate our impact and test out communications tactics on a large scale.

Experiments Dashboard

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We are also committed to piloting a variety of innovative tools so that our partners remain on the cutting-edge of civic engagement, digital marketing, and outreach practices.